Thursday, January 1, 2009

1501. An Empire fence machine used for making wire fences, similar to the machines seen on page 165 of this book, one of the machines shown is capable of making 200 different styles of fence.

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1502. A Burndy Split Bolt Connector, for connecting two electrical conductors:

1503. Haven't yet found the answer for this tool:

1504. A firefighter's barrel strainer, it's attached to the end of a hose to stop potentially clogging debris when pumping water from a lake or river. A rope can be tied to the end to keep it off of the bottom and away from mud or sand.

1505. A BLU-26/B ball-type submunition of a cluster bomb, this inert practice piece has aerodynamic vanes and is made of solid metal, it's also called a Guava Bomblet.

1506. An adjustable gage for supporting clapboards, patent number 332,323:

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